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What You Need for a Loan Application

Use the following checklist to be sure you have everything you need for your loan application! If you can't find all of your information, don't worry-- we're here to walk you through all the steps and can possibly help you obtain certain records.

All Borrowers:

  1. Copies of the two most recent pay stubs showing year-to-date earnings.

  2. Copies of W-2s for the past two years.

  3. Social Security/retirement income, 1099's, and current awards letters.

  4. Copies of your past two years’ tax returns.

  5. Copies of checking and saving account statements for past two months (all pages).

  6. Copies of quarterly or semi-annual statements for checking, savings, IRAs, CDs, money market funds, stocks, 401k, profit sharing, etc. ​ Any assets used for down payment & closing costs must be documented by a paper trail.

  7. Employment history for the previous two years (explain any gaps of employment).

  8. Residency history during the past two years.

  9. Copy of driver’s license and Social Security Card for all applicants.

  10. All current mortgage statements with insurance information.

Self-employed Borrowers (additional documentation):

  1. Copy of your past two years corporate/partnership tax returns, plus copies of W-2s and 1099 forms.

  2. Copy of current profit and loss statement.

Additional information which may be required:

  1. Divorce decree (if applicable)

  2. Copy of bankruptcy papers and discharge.

Documents Needed for VA Loans:

  1. Copy of DD214 discharge paper.

  2. Original certificate of eligibility (if you have it, if not, we order it)

  3. Name and address of nearest living relative.

Have questions? Always feel free to call us at (559) 687-1700. Our friendly staff are ready to walk you through the process!

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